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Thread: Why there's no new Players coming to Smite?

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    We just need a unified online activity system where 1 person means 1 account. No more. If you are banned - you can't create new accounts where you are banned.

    What a perfect world it would be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomToon View Post
    Well, I mean, yeah. It's porn, literally the reason the internet exists.
    well, I mean they have better support, better balance, better servers, better market.
    Vi, Goddess Of Wrecking

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexNemesis View Post
    well, I mean they have better support, better balance, better servers, better market.
    NO. It is for porn.
    Remember The Manticore

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    It has trouble with new players because the interface is old and needs QOL updates.

    New players are going to be used to modern games and their interfaces. This game has an interface about 4+ years old and it wasn't fleshed out to begin with.

    a good interface is important because, well, it interfaces with the player. If the player is getting bad feedback from the game then they get frustrated and quit because they didn't see what happened, how it happened, or what they should do to make it not happen again.

    The interface in smite more often interferes with play rather than help, which means you need to know how to navigate its "rough edges" to actually play properly, which is a leaning process that new players aren't going to understand or want to do.

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