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Thread: What Means do be Competitive? What do we need do Consider?

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    Unhappy What Means do be Competitive? What do we need do Consider?

    Smite needs do evolve. And even if he does, he'll need to improve - it's endless and it's o, but there are a few points that I must say before Smite's Developers tries do improve something imperfect: every MOBA comes from the idea of fighting against other players in a fair way, letting the best team the right to win. A simple idea that gains complexity over time, since it needs to gain more players to make more money, etc. But money comes from skins? Players comes with publicity?

    When you enter in SMITE - or any other moba - you're going to find a group of recommended personas to play and you're going to also find other personas. What makes this begginer plays more? Skins? Fun, fun makes him play. A good matchmaking with balanced personas and, also, amusing maps makes him play more often and so maybe buy skins from his favorite persona. But once you enter in SMITE you see a poor matchmaking - which makes the begginer suffer from horrible losses and even bad words, coming from the veterans, full of rage - with TOTALLY UNBALACED GODS.

    The developers must understand that giving better patches with bigger changes will totally makes a difference in the first experience! Making skins and events does not give exatcly money, it give a circle of gems and frustrating matches. What makes a game interesting is what there's to do, to play and so on. Investing in a new map where you have more than 5 players, more than two main objectives, creating a situation where you do not need to focus yourself on towers only, this would turn the game more interesting. Events with skins and new gods only creates a glimpsy of hope, but the newers are going to suffer if they play in the duo lane with Chiron, Ares or Kuzenbo's crazy style - which is now dead since the new patch, transforming him in a support and not in a interesting freak; they are going to suffer if they plays against a Chaac or a Belona, even more if they were experiend, EVEN MORE if they pick Erlang, Vamana, Amaterasu, and so on.

    Guan Yu's buffs were great, but they were late. I have seen 4 or 5 newers playing Guan Yu and being DESTROYED by a Bellona in solo. Fun, right? One of them used a strong god and the other, a weak one. And they never played again. Why? Because Bellona is overstrong... Buffing and nerfing is not about doing it once and then forgetting, it's about READING THE PLAYER'S OPINION and accepting this help to build a better game where the newers are going to play and going to buy some silly skins. It's absolutely unacceptable to buff once and forgetting - such as were with last Guan Yu's buffs.

    Focusing on the players' opinion, bigger patches' changes, new items, new game modes, better matchmaking, new gods it's the only way to transform smite in an eternal way.

    PS: Buffs and nerfs are half of the point. Remakes helps building a entirely new gameplay and also makes old players return. Giving interesting skills and balancing them in time creates a good game, but please, stop sending new monsters in the game. I would hate to go out from smite once I already learned good tricks in lane.

    PPS: the matchmaking still sucks.
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