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Thread: Fix the issue with dcers

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    Fix the issue with dcers

    almost every match even in ranked atleast 1 person spends it disconnected for most of the match making it a 4v5. These people can continue doing this every match couse the penalty is almost non existent. I think if you dc more then 10seconds in a match you should automiatically be banned from joining a match for atleast 1 week. In order to get rid of this problem once and for all even if it does some collateral damage it ruins ALOT of matches and makes the game unfun and toxic.

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    and then within a few months the already dwindling numbers of the community will drop, since as far as I know a nice chunk of the community has sub-par internet.

    thus increasing wait times for matches.

    but that still leaves people that: are toxic, hack/mod, are new, are elitests, etc
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