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Thread: "Hirez doesn't deserve Smite."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outso187 View Post
    You came back just for that?
    There's something else to come back for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViralMarketer View Post
    There's something else to come back for?
    Just surprised you reappeared at all.
    Rip & Tear

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    DM may be a dumb cunt (and, in making this statement as he returns to Smite, a hypocrite), but there is something to be said for how much HR seems to care about this game vs. how much they profit from it. HR has proven that...

    -They don't give a shit about the characters they're working with, and put no effort whatsoever into doing them justice or making them more than forgettable MOBA characters on a visual or character level
    -They don't care about making unique characters and have no issues with reusing shit that's already in the game
    -They don't understand or care about their own game enough to balance it properly
    -They care more about the cosmetics and selling their shitty skins than the game itself
    -They are willing to utilize scummy business practices, which has manifested now more than ever with the newest event

    Smite isn't a bad game, it's an ok game made by the wrong people. Imagine if the team behind Smite was passionate about the lore, excited to make unique characters, dedicated to understanding and balancing their own game, and didn't abuse their players' willingness to suck up to their lootboxes (and, let's be honest, that's basically what chests are). We could have a truly great MOBA. We don't. That's the reality, and we either have to live with it or get HR to change it--and, with the white knights on Reddit, changing it is gonna be a Sisyphean task.
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