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Thread: Some random made me think of something interesting

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    Some random made me think of something interesting

    "Bad logic" does it exist, I think not.

    I ran into a random person last night who half heartedly started a debate about my logic.

    Stats and builds are subject to change while missing a ability is not. Because you can't go back in time.

    I explained to him regardless of my stats right now be it 0/5/6 or 5/5/9 that all of it even my build is subject to change and there's no point to mention or compare the two with the act of consistently missing a ability. Because you can't go back in time. I asked him to tell me where I was wrong he deflected saying "It's not worth my time."

    He called it "bad logic" I took that as him admitting that there was logic in my statement but at the time I couldn't understand why him saying "bad logic" felt so wrong to me until I thought about it a little more. Logic can't be good or bad, it can only be true or false and after realizing that I understood that he was just upset that there was nothing logical he could say as a come back and him saying "bad logic" was simply him applying his opinion to something that sounded logical.

    I'm curious if someone can help enlighten me on this topic or if I'm not mistaken with the view I have currently.

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    Ok I think I understand, but I'm not 100% sure, so some of this is up in the air for debate

    Your stats and build do matter in a sense, but they also don't. You can easily get lucky on a crap build and do great. You could also build fully with the meta...counter a god, and get stomped to high heaven as if you had 0 items.

    However abilities are a tad different. Missing some abilities is bad in the general sense of things. That is a minion wave you don't have, that is a God you could have killed. Now look at the other end of the spectrum, although it is small, there are circumstances in which missing an ability can be good.

    You misplace a targeted ability meant for a God on a minion. They might panic and use an ability to heal or get away, thus depleting their already exhausted mana reserve, while you still have more than enough to continue the chase. In this instance you know that, despite not killing them sooner with X ability, because they used something to "survive" they now don't have the means to properly escape.

    There are countless times I missed an Ares ult on a group of enemies because I activated it too early or too late. Enemy Gods see that and often will use whatever they have to escape it (beads, abilities, etc). What they often don't think of is my build. I tend to build full tank/cdr. My ult has a 60s cooldown. So before they have their stuff up again (usually) to cancel my ult out, I'm back in their face, pulling them into death.
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