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Thread: this game sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by IfmVI View Post
    The lag in this game is TERRIBLE.

    And guess who they blame when they are asked in the Hi-rez support? ... yes, us, their servers are perfect but they won't give any information about them, so it's not their problem, basically, the option is handle it yourself or quit.
    Actually there is a third possibility.

    Between every user and a server is a lot of equipment, how much depends on location of the server you are connecting to and the telecom route used. Anywhere on that route equipment can go faulty. Trying to get it fixed can be a real chore if no one claims to own the route. Someone, usually some company entity owns the routes and there are records of who that is but individuals trying to get routes fixed have walls put up against them and little access to information needed.

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    I must admit I agree a bit, i mean, they release new god but are not even able to balance the existing one that much. They spend hours to work on adventure that anyway will dissapear after few week. Their random system is trolling a team in 70 % of time cause they can't add fucking condition like no more than x phys/mage ( too often there is full physique or magic team ...), the reroll doesn't really help and can even troll ( 5 physique , 5 reroll, still 5 physique except it gave worst god -_- , or same in a 5 phys game, i rerolled loki and got other phys, a teamate reroll and get loki wtf ?.
    Many people are toxic or trolling but they're still there cause no real sanction are taken
    Many many many many many afk/Dc/ragequit/rageafk and no fucking bot to remplace them ...
    performance drop for high config while the game isn't really detailled ( i can run beautiful recent game without fps drops but smite can have wtf lel ?)
    Many lag issue, however our internet connection is working fine.
    An anticheat that make people more laggy and dc ....
    etc etc
    I played smite a lot but i must admit it's worst with time where other company make their game better with time hirez prefer waste his time and money doing useless adventure that stand for few week instead of making their game better and more balanced lel ...

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