Halloween & Winter
Community Skin Contest!

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Gods and Goddesses!

Spring is in full swing, but we’re already looking forward to later this year! Halloween and Winter themed skins are some of the community’s favorites, and we want YOU to help choose one.

We’re opening up community concept submissions for both this year’s Halloween and Winter skins, and will hold a community vote to decide one!

Here are the details:

  • Submit your Halloween or Winter themed skin concepts to us by May 9th
  • The Hi-Rez team will narrow down all the submissions to a final short list of our favorites
  • The community will vote on their favorite concept and we’ll make it happen!

Rules and Regulations
All submitted concepts must be your own original ideas.

To avoid potential misunderstandings, we also want to remind that, Hi-Rez’s policies related to submissions applies to this: Unsolicited Submissions Policy. This is just another way that Hi-Rez can learn how to best satisfy your needs for awesome in game content.

Lastly, submitted artwork will influence Skin design, but will not dictate it. Skins must be concepted and designed internally to make sure their design fits the requirements for that God or Goddess, and its role in the game.

Submit your Halloween or Winter themed skin concept to us HERE

We know there are some scary good artists in the community and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s cool concepts!