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Thread: A fast way to heavily reduce the overall toxicity of the SMITE community

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    Smile A fast way to heavily reduce the overall toxicity of the SMITE community

    Hi-Rez, please permanently ban all of the players that continuously give everyone in their matches shit about their player damage or K/D including their own teammates. They are the majority that contributes to the overall toxicity of the community the most with their claims of either themselves being good or their teammates being horrible based solely on K/D or player damage even in laning modes such as Conquest, Joust, Clash, Assault, and Siege. Unfortunately, it may have been DMBrandon himself that originally claimed these things which led to many other people thinking the same. Permanently banning them will be the first major step in improving the quality of the community as a whole.

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    Hi-Rez rarely (from my understanding) dishes out permabans

    A players really needs to screw up for them to even consider it
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