Hello Smite Team

I would like to report a bug (or rather an inconsistency) with Sol's 2nd ability. It is stated that its a basic attack and that it explodes on max range, however when you use it on AMC hives its not stopped by them nor destroys them, it goes through (also, the animation shows that the ability is kinda stopped by the hive). If you use it on Ah Puch corpses they block the attack and it stops on the place where the corpse is, however the corpse is not "damaged". When you use it on Sylvanus flower it also stops the attack and doesnt destroy the flower, stoping or triggering the ability where the flower is.

So overall there's no consistency on how the ability should work, are this specific deployables supposed to stop Stellar Burst? Is it a bug and they should let it go through like a normal ability that only stops on pets/minions/walls/players?

Some feedback would be apreciated or at least some clarity in the ability text.

*Personally i dont think any of this 3 deployables should stop the ability since it doesnt really behave like a normal basic attack and it hinders sol's playstyle, maybe the ability should be made a normal abitlity instead of basic attack triggered since now it has a targeter and everything. Before it was someting like a skillshot and sol players needed to be aware of its radius, but with the targeter i dont think its the case anymore*

Anyway thanks for reading this, hope someone can shine some light on this issue.