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Thread: item and relic concepts for smite

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    item and relic concepts for smite

    well... i hope it will get at least some attention

    for more variety of builds , flexibility and effectiveness. . .

    relic concept

    - Soul Cage
    have active and passive
    passive - stacks granting u with passive shield ( upon killing creeps or minions) .[ if u didn't know passive shield activates when u are below certain percentage of health , activated , shield consumes stacks .
    active - fully stacked upon activation it deals true dmge to objective , if objective is killed u gain health shield .

    item concept

    sages armor

    -200 health

    -20% CCR

    - 30 physical and 30 magical protection ?

    passive -when ever u taking magical and physical at the same time , damage from all sources is reduced by 10 % ,
    sec - if u are affected by crowd control more than 1 second u gain an additional 5% damage reduction for every second ,stacks up to 4 ...

    Lance or shaft of Orcus

    -30 physical power

    -10% cdr

    -10 flat pen

    passive - killing minion or creep gives u a stack , reaching 20 u gain a shield ( percentage ) and an additional damage on first ability cast on enemy god (flat amount or percentage , maybe true damage scaling from physical power or flat amount ) . in case of percentage damage item have to stack only on lane minions . shield disappears after passive stacks are fully consumed . in case of flat amount - stacks can be consumed before it evolves .
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