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    (God Concept) Juventus

    Protector of Childhood

    LORE: Children, every living thing, both god and man, were at some point a child. Curious, excited and above all Innocent, children are one of nature's greatest wonders. All day they explore, learn and experience the joys of life. However, they are also more vulnerable to the terrible aspects of life, such as war and death. So to protect their precious child when they are not around, the parents prey to one goddess that will ensure the safety of their child, Juventus, the protector of childhood.

    The ever young Juventus escort both boys and girls when they are heading toward adulthood. From their first steps to their first love, Juventus is always there to protect them and preper them to the day they will become adults. She helps them to learn and explore all aspects of life. She celebrates with them when they are happy and comforting them when they are sad. When they reach adulthood, she shed a tear of joy to see how those Innocent children turn to a wise and strong adults.

    However dark times are ahead. The heaven burns when the gods clash against each other, crushing the land and blackening the skies. At those times Juventus asks herself only one thing, what about the children? The selfishness of the gods is destroying the world, turning it into a realm of chaos and misery, this is no place for a child. The gods are stealing the innocence of the children, taking away their beautiful world and leaving only a barren wasteland. No, Juventus will not hide anymore from the fires of war, she will not let the gods destroying childhood. She joined the field of war not for victory or glory, she fights for the children, for they are our greatest treasure, without them, there would truly be no hope for this world.

    APPEARANCE: Juventus looks like a teenager. She has a brown hair with a roman braid and olive skin. She wears a short toga and have two golden bracelets, Tiera and she wears sandals. She also carrys with her a nectar canteen. She attacks with colorful sparks that she shoots from her hands.

    PASSIVE - Forever Young
    Juventus youthful nature is radiating to her teammates, making them heal faster every time she is around.

    ABILITY I -Nectar Sip
    Ability Type: Buff
    Juventus take a sip from her canteen, make her heal over time.

    ABILITY II -Triple Roll
    Ability Type: Dash
    Juventus rolls three times forward, jumping over obstacles and creating a shockwave where she lands, causing damage and stun.

    ABILITY III - Bouncy Strike
    Ability Type: Line
    Juventus throws a magical ball in a line, if hits her allies the ball buff her allies for a short time, if hits her enemies the ball cause damage.

    ULTIMATE -Second Childhood
    Ability Type: Area
    Juventus steals some of the youth of her enemies and transfer it to her allies, buffing her allies while debuffing her enemies for several seconds.


    Victroy: Juventus is standing in front of a class of children, tell them about the battle she just won the battle.
    Defeat: Juventus sits at a small desk wearing a dunce hat.

    Enthusiastic (Juventus toga is purple and her hair becomse a little darker)
    Team Spirit (Juventus dresses like a cheerleader and her hair becomes blond)

    to Cupid: How many times did i told you to not play with arrows?
    to Terra: Good job raising your kids grandma
    to Hercules: Its not you, its me
    to Bacchus: Alcohol is not for children
    to Zeus: Please stop this madness, for the children
    to Scylla: I took care of a lot of bad children, but this one is way too much for me
    to Khepri: giant bug! Ew!

    from Cupid: You are not my mom
    from Terra: How dare you say that I am a bad mother!?
    from Hercules: Its not you, its me
    from Bacchus: Stop being so upthight *hic* and grab a drink
    from Zeus: Know your place brat
    from Scylla: YAY! A snack for my dogs
    from Khepri: Teenager! Ew!

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