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Thread: Are the discount coupons bugged atm?

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    Are the discount coupons bugged atm?

    So I've logged into Smite not long ago following a 2 month hiatus and there was this whole new level-up rewards center thingy. It gave me two coupons; an 50% discount in on skin and a free voice pack. Went into the shop and saw that all 400 gem skins were listed at 200 gems etc. Couldn't decide what to buy but since the coupons had like 29 days left before expiration I've figured I'd buy something later. Then the update happen on Tuesday and now all the skin cost their regular price in the shop and the voice packs are back to 200 gems as well instead of one free purchase.

    So what's the deal? My coupon are still active (there is time left and I can see the big red coupon signs) yet the prices are not discounted. Is this just a visual glitch? Will this be fixed b4 my coupons expire?

    Is this a known bug or should I just fill out a support ticket?

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    Have you tried to buy a VP?
    When I used the free VP, they appear normal gem cost but when I went to purchase, it showed the discounted to Zero cost before I hit the Buy button.
    Not sure if the 50% Skin is the same, have not used mine. Was curious if that also affected Favor costs of skins.

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