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    Condensed (Mac) Issues

    Disclaimer: Some of these issues may have already been posted. I have only complied all the issues I'm having while playing on a Mac and hope these are addressed soon to help myself and other Mac users.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________


    2. When I attempt to log into Smite, at times, I will be directed to one of the following:
    - The screen with the "Reconnect" button,*
    - The screen stating "Unable to connect to server" or,*
    - Amazingly, I am able to connect and play.

    *If I were to click the "Reconnect" button, it will just freeze up for approximately a minute and take me to the "Unable to connect to server" screen.


    3. Invisible Vulcan turrets.
    - This has been going on for a very long time now and needs to be patched.
    - I can see Vulcan's animation of setting the turret down, but there is a chance that it will be invisible on my screen.
    - It will still shoot (obviously).

    4. Game crashes.
    - At certain times, such as after a victory/defeat, the Smite application will suddenly just crash.
    - I would not receive the normal "[...] unexpectedly crashed." window.

    5. Teleporting.
    - At 40-80 ping only, I will still 'lag' and 'teleport' to where I would be if I wasn't 'lagging.'
    - I have previously bootcamp'd the same Mac that I am currently using and when playing Smite, I had no issues with that whatsoever.
    - The short-run fix is to restart my router before playing. Every. (D)ucking. Match.

    Less Urgent
    6. God icons spazzing out of control.
    - When in a match lobby (or the 'god selection' screen), the god icons would sometimes only on the bottom half of the god icon and start to stutter/spaz.

    7. Silent VGS and announcements.
    - At the beginning of the match (especially after starting up Smite), I will be able to hear everyone's (including my own) VGS commands and the announcer's announcements.
    - After some (variable, not fixed) time, I will be unable to hear them.
    - I will hear the 'ping' noise (the noise when someone enters something in chat, but not the VGS commands.


    1. As of the recent patch on Friday, April 13th, 2018, it has been impossible to get beyond the god card loading screen.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

    These are all issues I have witnessed while playing Smite. I would not mind being contacted about these issues - especially if I can do something to help the (Mac) community. If anyone has any issues (not related to lagging/bad ping/fps) that I did not address and would like me to add to this list, please post a reply and I will do my best to keep this list updated as much as possible.

    Your fellow Smite gaming nerd,
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