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Thread: (God Concept) Nurarihyon

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    (God Concept) Nurarihyon

    lord of The Yokai

    LORE: In the shadow of the night they thrive. Creatures of magic and trickery that hunt the darkness, causing mischief and misfortune to those who encounter them. Range from the tiniest grass to the tallest mountain, wielding magical powers and exist right under the human nose, these are the Yokai, and the elderly Nurarihyon, is their all mighty king.

    Nurarihyon is one peculiar Yokai. His elderly appearance and strange gourd shaped head makes it hard to believe that this strange Yokai is the most powerful Yokai in the world. But don't let his strange appearance fool you, for he possesses powerful magical abilities. Every night Nurarihyon goes out for a stroll, where he enters a human residence, drink their tea and smoke their tobacco like he is the master of the house. Even If the true owners of the house notice him, they can't do anything but to obey to Nurarihyon until he leaves, leaving them confused.

    Every year Nurarihyon lead his people in the Hyakki Yagyō, the night parade of one hundred demons. A night which all the Yokai of Japan leave their home and parade through the streets of Japan. A human foolish enough to go outside in that night or even catch a glimpse of the parade from their windows would instantly die or spirit away.

    But now, when the heavens are burning with the flames of war, everything is in danger of extinction, including the Yokai. Nurarihyon, desperate to protect his people from the upcoming catastrophe, took his mantle of war and joined the battlefield. summoning every inch of his power, Nurarihyon will make sure to teach those "gods" the true meaning of "respect".

    APPEARANCE: Nurarihyon is a short elderly man with a large, gourd shaped head wearing a blue kimono and smoking a kiseru. his weapon is a small wooden walking stick that will shoot blue flames. He will hover.

    PASSIVE - Ghost Flame
    Every five successful hit with his basic attack, a ghost flame will circle Nurarihyon. The ghost flames will be used to strength his skills, the more ghost flames circle around him the stronger his skills will be. After using a skill one by one, the ghost flames will gone. It can be stacked up to five flames.

    ABILITY I -untouched
    Ability Type: AOE
    Nurarihyon creates a blast around him that damage and stun enemy gods and minions for a few seconds. With ghost flames the blast radius will be bigger and minions and enemy gods will be stund longer.

    ABILITY II -Nekomata
    Ability Type: line
    Nurarihyon summons one of his loyal subjects, the feline Nekomata, and launch him in a line. Nekomata stops at the first enemy god and causing damage over time for a few seconds to the god, he will also jump to another enemy god if that god is close enough. With ghost flames Nekomata will cause more damage upon impect.

    ABILITY III -Spirit Tea
    Ability Type:Buff
    Nurarihyon drinks a cup of tea, which heals him and give him a temporary buff. He can share that tea with any ally gods around him. With ghost flames the tea heals more and the buff is longer.

    ULTIMATE -Hyakki Yagyo
    Ability Type: Line
    Nurarihyon summons a parade of Yokai and travels in a line for a few seconds. Any enemy god getting caught in that parade will take damage, knockback and will slowed. With ghost flames the parade will take longer.


    Victory: Nurarihyon lead a parade of Yokai.
    Defete: Nurarihyon sits on the floor drinking tea all sad and frustrated.

    Night Walker (Nurarihyon kimono is maroon)
    Conga (Nurarihyon will look like a cruise tourist)

    to Kuzenbo: You do aware that your kind is also under my control, yes?
    to Izanami: What a poorl lady.
    to Raijin: What do you mean you are not an oni?
    to Scylla: What a horrifying little monster.
    to Nox: I am sorry, but I am the true ruler of the night.
    to Bakasura: You could have been an excellent soldier in my army.
    to Cerberus: Down you stupid hound!

    from Kuzenbo: I will crush that funny head of yours!
    from Izanami: You honestly think that I am afraid of you Yokai?
    from Raijin: Not my king pumpkinhead.
    from Scylla: Your head is fuuny.
    from Nox: You may be the king of the night, but i AM the night.
    from Bakasura: I will enjoy eating that gourd you call "head".
    from Cerberus: Oh boy! new toy!

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