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Thread: How can I get better at Jungle?

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    How can I get better at Jungle?

    So as the title suggest I'm bad at Jungle and I'd like to learn how to improve at it. However, seeing how Jungle is I never have a chance to properly improve at the role because it's just popular and heavily bogarted. Now not only is there a bs elitist mentality surrounding the role where people instead of giving me constructive critisim on how I play the role they'll just hate bomb me and say crap like "go kill yourself trash jungler!"

    Now ignoring the filth how do I improve at this role what is another method I can try because when I go to casual it's insta-locked quite often and I find it hard to actually be able to select the role.

    So what are some newer methods I can do to improve at the role and actually be able to play it? Also who are some easy junglers to use? I heard Nemisis was easy so I'm trying to use her more and I am already familiar with the god's kit and a few builds it's just the rotations and situations that will require my choices, you know that general experience that comes from playing that role?

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    As a support main who wanted to branch out, I went through this recently. I strongly recommend taking some assassins/ warriors into duel, just to familiarize yourself with their kits and how they work. Beyond that watch streamers. Weaken recently released a buff rotation guide and he's constantly informing viewers through guides and commentary. Also good to know buff timers (Generally 2 minutes) and of course map awareness. Glhf!

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    Im a main jungler, but Im not good as I want to .

    My personal experience is : farm your jungle, remember that camps spawns every 2 minutes, your harpies spawns every 1 minutes instead.

    Every 4 minute they recive a buff, so they are more difficult to be killed, and deals more damage, be careful on that.

    For every camp you clear, check the minimap to see what's going on : if one of your allies's lane is being pushed from your enemies (so you're midlaner or solo laner or your support and adc are under their own tower) you could think about to gank, but be careful about the position of the enemy laner, their health, their mana, your ally's health and mana bar, and yours. If you have your ult and your laner can fight, you could seriously think about ganking ; After a gank, there will be one of these 4 situation :

    - 1 ) you get killed. ok that can happen, this is the worst scenario, if your laner can't take any kill.
    - 2) you kill one and they kill you : 1 for 1, is not everytime ok, but better than dying alone..
    - 3 ) You kill one or two people in that lane, you and your midlaner survived : this is good, from there you can choose if taking the tower, or taking another objective near that lane togheter,or simply you can leave, leave your laner clear and you go to other camps to clear, and repeat the process;
    - 4) no one dies. Ok that can happen, imo you should clear the wave with your laner then go away, be careful in this case, they could gank your laner just right after your leaves. If you saved your laner from dying ganking that lane, it's also a victory, imo.

    Pretty safe god to use : nemesis, thor, hun batz, camazotz;

    remember to try to call your gank in the vgs if you are 100% sure you want to gank there in the nexts 3-4 seconds. Call the "gank X lane" where X is the lane, not only Gank , so you'll give more awarness to your teammate; be careful of a counter gank of the enemy jungler on other lanes or in your own lane.

    IMO the jungle role is the hardest in my opinion, just with the support (that has the downside of being costantly under-level); with a good farm and rotation you can keep up your exp and gold with a middle laner and not losing any level, is not easy for me, but it's possible.
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    be sneaky all too often I see newer jungs that's just run into the lane from where ever is closest. learn to hug the walls and use the 3rd person view to your advantage. I say this because theres alot of times ward placement isn't perfect and if u suspect there is one. also sumtimes if u have a leap it can be used to to bypass wards.

    def use a god ur comfortable with just don't pick the meta god. double points if that god has easy camp clear.

    back often jungle more then any other has the best opportunity to get those small power spikes that makes ur game easier. I usually like to do soo about every 2 speed buffs sooo I have the buff when coming out of fountain. don't get stuck on thay endless loop of ganking to where your now under powered from having to much gold in hand. if a lane backs, good comms required, and you haven't that's a bad time to try and gank, instead if they call the back and your anywhere near their buffs check for an invade, if the enemy jung is other side of the lmap don't always feel the need to rotate especially if they handled the gank. your prolly not gonna be there in time. take a wave when ppl back unless solo has teleport or they vgs for u not to.

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    Nemesis is a popular pick even at high levels of skill but without a leap, she is limited on how she gets around even with the double dash. She is supposed to shred tanks well, do not have her so what I heard.

    Camazotz is somewhat popular, some also use him as a Solo Laner.

    Serquet is respected more in EU than NA.

    Ravana is a liked pick as is Achilles who can do three roles including Jungle.

    Fenrir can also do Support.

    Any you try with leaps can get over a number of the walls there so you have to think differently when engaging and leaving.

    Da Ji may not have a leap but here teleport I think goes through walls.

    Do not try some like Athena, Janus, Morrigan or Odin, while they can Jungle unless you are good at the role and those gods, it will be really hard. One of the few times I played Conquest I tried Odin Jungle because I heard about it and got forced into the role since no one wanted it. Had a rough time the whole match. Stick to Assassins, Ravana, Cu Chulainn, Achilles and Osiris.

    Of the 5 potential Jungling gods I have, I prefer Arachne, Camazotz and Thor.

    You also have to really look at a gods kit and see what they aim for.
    Arachne aims to pin down a single target with her 2 and 3 letting her Passive and Build kill them. Escapes either through her Ult or dropping 3 on a god chasing you.
    Camazotz can just beat people down, his Ult is a better escape than his 3 you need to do all 3 dives when escaping to put the greatest distance between you and those chasing.
    Thor has an escape in his 1 and Ult, one of the few Junglers with serious CC on more than one target.
    Fenrir wants to beat people down and can do picks when his Ult is up removing any god from the enemy team and bringing them to your team for killing.
    Hun Batz I am still figuring out.

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    Jungle is the hardest role to learn as you're essentially responsible for handling the entire map, so I'd advise learning all the other roles first as that will give you a better idea of where you'll be most needed as a jungler. I've been told the optimal order for learning roles (easiest to hardest) is as follows:

    1. ADC
    2. Solo
    3. Mid
    4. Support
    5. Jungler

    Some tips for conquest in general; get starter items and wards, call missing and incoming, and try to have map awareness at all times. As a jungler in particular, you're responsible for helping out whichever lanes are having trouble and covering a lane if somebody dies, backs, or disconnects. If the lanes are doing all right hit the buff and exp camps, and if you're caught up on those as well then help gank a lane. You need to ward wherever the rest of your team is slacking on it, objectives are usually a good place to start if nobody else has warded yet. As you're running through the jungle you're likely to see the enemy going for ganks, make sure you call it so your teammates have time to get back under tower. I don't play jungle much but some assassins I've found I do well with are Nemesis, Da Ji, and Thanatos. Other junglers I've seen do well that I don't play personally are Ao Kuang, Mercury, and Susano.
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