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Thread: SPL / SML code event

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    SPL / SML code event

    @HiRez How dare you make chat feel like a bunch of beggars. The SPL item drop is an established event, an incentive to generate viewers for the SPL. It doesn't cost HiRez anything to generate a code for an imaginary item anyway. It was easy on TWITCH, all you had to do was link your account and fall asleep watching the SPL. HiRez chose to move to MIXER and baited us with 25+ drops a day. Now we get 5 drops in over 7 hours, do you see why people are complaining? Maybe you should plan ahead next time.
    Why don't you come up with a system to decide how many drops there will be and when items will drop, instead of giving mods the power to drop codes when it suits them? Then your CUSTOMERS can decide if it will be worth their while to stay for the duration of the stream. Or just cancel the whole thing and take away the chat function if it annoys you so much to deal with these kids. And to all the brown nose self righteous suck ups who feel compelled to share their opinion: nobody cares what you have to say, nobody asked you and nobody was talking to you. Mind your own business!

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    Hi-Rez stated they gave away too many codes Week 1 so dialed it back in Week 2. Those who came only for codes and spammed/begged in chat cost everyone Odyssey chest 3 out of 6 days this week. Codes have stabilized to about 4 Whites, 1 Blue a day and if lucky an 2018 Odyssey.

    Besides there is a problem with the channel, at times video will freeze up, quality gets blurry, frames drop. I contacted Mixer about it yesterday, they said they and Hi-Rez are trying to resolve it. Video issues may be why they have not done any other features yet with the channel.

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