Watching these League matches for EU and NA, HiRez is usually there dropping codes redeemable in game for 30 minutes that give rewards. Typical rewards are White Mixer Chest, Blue Mixer Chest and 2018 Odyssey.

Over the 3 weeks, it was revealed by Hi-Rez they gave out too many in Week 1, as a result a lot of people were showing up to the streams and spamming requests for code drops. Apparently this many drops was never the plan plus Hi-Rez got so fed up with drop spamming requests, they have now cut back.

This week code drops seem to have stabalized at 4 White and 1 Blue, I would also say 1 Odyssey but Thursday there was none due to something in chat that I missed and Friday the Odyssey was conditional based on who won last set (they did).

At the lowest level of rewards, a White will give 25FP and a Blue 100FP so in one viewing at 4 White and 1 Blue, that is 200FP lowest reward. Considering most matches for me are 20FP for a half-hour match, 200FP is 5 hours of playing. 4-5 hours is typical stream time.

Point is you can get roughly the same FP from watching the League streams and collecting codes as you can from playing Smite without the toxicity and sometimes frustration.