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Thread: (God Concept) Pegasus

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    (God Concept) Pegasus

    This is my first concept and i am not a native english speaker or very good with the statistics part of the kit so dont expact a quality suff and i will take constructive criticism (same for any other concepts i will make after this)

    The Winged Stallion

    LORE: The world has many kinds of strange beasts. From the regal lion to the inferior rat, from the gentle nymph to the horrifying kraken. However, among all those beasts, only one was truly special. Only one beast could cross the sky at a speed of a comet. Only one beast could step into regions that no other man could have reached. Only one beast that was almost impossible to tame, both by god or man. That beast is Pegasus, the winged stallion.

    Born out of the severed neck of the Gorgon Medusa, Pegasus is a creature that was born to be free. Many tried to capture him, to tame him, to domesticating him, but none succeed. But there was only one who managed to tame the beast, the hero Bellerophon. Bellerophon was able to capture Pegasus when the beast was drinking from a spring. When he didnt look, Bellerophon jumped on the stallion's back. The two struggled for hours, but in the end Bellerophon managed to tame the wild Pegasus.

    The two did many heroic deeds together, one of them was slaying the fearsome chimera, the three headed monstrosity. However, those adventures didn't last long. When struck by hubris, Bellerophon steered Pegasus to the top of mount Olympus. Zeus, who was enraged by the insolence of Bellerophon, sanded a gadfly to sting Pegasus and drop Bellerophon from the sky. Zeus then turned Pegasus to one of his stallions. At the end of his faithful service, Zeus turned Pegasus to a constellation.

    When the war of the gods was raging across the heavens, Pegasus came down from the stars to the battle field. Armed with an ethereal rider on his back, the stallion's motives to enter the battlefield are a mystery. However, one thing is for sure, that no matter what are the motives of Pegasus, for he is unstoppable, uncontrollable and above all, unbeatable.

    APPEARANCE: Pegasus is a white bluish stallion with a golden bridle. His "weapon" is a faceless silver armored archer on his back.

    PASSIVE - A Hero's Steed
    Pegasus bond with one of ally gods, buffing both of them. If one of them will be far enough from each other, the bond will sever.

    ABILITY I -Divine Gale
    Ability Type: Line
    Pegasus flaps his wings, sending a gust of wind forward that damage and knocking back all enemies in a line.

    ABILITY II -Hero's arrow
    Ability Type: Projectile
    Pegasus's rider shot three arrows in a row, causing damage and reducing defence.

    ABILITY III -heavenly Dash
    Ability Type: Dash
    Pegasus dash forward stops at first enemy god he encounters. The impact is so strong that the enemy god is crippled for a short time.

    ULTIMATE - Stallion of The Sky
    Ability Type: Ground Target
    Pegasus takes to the sky, dropping boulders on enemy gods in the close radius. once finished Pegasus goes back to the surface, creating a shock wave upon landing that damage and stun enemies around him.


    Victory:Pegasus act like he is in a horse show and jump above several obstacles.
    Defeat: Pegasus's archer tries to comfort him after the defeat, Pegasus kicks him.

    Untamed (Pegasus turns black and the archer wears vermilion armor.)
    Mystic Steed (Pegasus turns to an alicorn and the archar wears emerald green armor)
    Air Bomber (Pegasus turns dark green, his wings turn to an airplane wings, the rider turns to a modern soldier with a rifle instead of a bow, and instead of boulders he droops nukes in his ultimate)

    to Zeus: Sorry boss, but today i am flying solo.
    to Chiron: Who needs arms when you can have wings?
    to Medusa: So thats how you look with your head.
    to Hercules: You look oddly familiar, is there any chance you had red hair in the past?
    to Guan Yu: You call this a horse?
    to Mercury: "Fastest god alive" my tail.
    to Athena: You just had to give him that bridle.

    from Zeus: Back to the stables horse!
    from Chiron: What a showoff.
    from Medusa: Oh my dear child...
    from Hercules: Stupid horse.
    from Guan Yu: We could have been a great team.
    from Mercury: Not so fast now ha?
    from Athena: Never sand a mortal man to do a job for an immortal woman.

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