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Thread: Matchmaking system

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    Matchmaking system

    I want to say something to all hi-rez employees thank you for rune the fcking game and be more stupid please put me everytime with people Who HAD 0 knowleadge of the game and when i get 15-0 and get even quadra they can't FINISH THE GAME CUZ THEY ARE LOWBIE PLAYERS WHO JUST START and i'm level 120 i'm sick of that game, i had my hope things to get better but no hi-rez employees obvious are dumb as fck with that buff on cerberus next patch that's it i quit. I can't play everytime 55 min games with some scums who can't even watch some videos to educate themself about a simple game.
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    New players will exist in every game. The tutorial of Smite is outdated and needs serious updating.

    Not everyone wants to watch a video. And watching is not the same as playing. You can watch a video of a guy playing X God with Y Build and think "Oh, I'll play the game and do that." They do so and often get stomped on. Many people that watch videos like that don't realize, the players behind those videos have countless hours of play behind their belts and thus know how to work X God with Y Build.

    Think on this, at one point you were in there shoes. And someone probably thought the exact same thing about you.
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    Same for me 3 years i play this game ! and with this new Matchmaking this game its terribel ,
    and i thinks stop this game bc this "NEW MM" its ruining this game and all the fun

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