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Thread: We need your SPRING FLING ideas!!

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    We need your SPRING FLING ideas!!

    Hey friends!

    The Spring Fling is near and keeping up with the traditions of past years, we want to have some fun.

    We need your ideas on fun things our participants of the Spring Fling could do. With our new esports studio, we want to try avoid the more messy challenges we've done in the past.

    So give us your ideas for fun games and challenges we could have! Our participants will be willing to do (mostly) anything. Maybe you want to see everyone participate in a handstand contest to see who can stand on their hands the longest. Or maybe you want to see a wheelbarrow race but instead of a wheelbarrow it's a person. Or maybe you just want to see us play some SMITE charades again.

    The world is yours. Let us know what you want to see.


    2015 Spring Fling

    2016 Spring Fling

    2017 Spring Fling

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    Well i thought i might chip in since no one has. Maybe have the casters do impersonations of other casters/hi rez employees. You could also do a silly faces face off. Best Tina snort impersonation. Arm wrestling. Hot peppers challenge. Tongue Twister challenges. Weirdest ability challenge (twisting your tongue, super flexibility, moving ears/nosetrils thats kind of stuff). Chicken impersonation challenge.

    Well thats all form the top of my head, have fun. Go charity!

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