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Thread: Qin's sai and Executioner. what's the difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord__Hazanko View Post
    Do these combo with Erlang Shen?
    qins is my go to dmg item in erlang as he benefits from atk spd. I'm not sure if his puppers applys a scaled down qins effect. do note that either of these will be good on hun for his offensive item choice. except if a hunter already has exe don't pick it up it does not stack. if no one is building a shit ton of hp consider hastened katana for sticking power. also on erlang shoguns is my go to magic prot item. and for lulz I usually throw in a witchblade for HP n more atk spd. midgardian for physical and ur giving the finger to any AA god.

    as for the original post I believe qins is jlan additional dmg proc n the proc dmg I believe don't quote me is %hp then that number is added to as an addition atk before their prot id calculated against that dmg before it is applied. sooo if u would build both after 3 hits not only are u hitting more on the basic atk the qins proc is also hitting for additional dmg because there is less armor the to mitigate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razrtongue View Post
    they are both items that are built off of the same tree. they are both damage-based items. I get it that executioner has protection reduction, which allows everyone to benefit from it. but what is the real difference betweent the two items? I mean, why should I take one over the other and vice versa? what kind of god should take which?
    I'm pretty sure everyone has answered your question by now. However, I'll still give my simple input and that's that executions axe effects and shreds heavy armor with each basic attack and help deal with people heavy armor like maybe a Bellona with W.Blessing, G.Shield and BoV. While Quin's is for people with massive amounts of health and is more of a health shred so if you are fighting Zhong Kui to maybe Hel in solo and you know these two are gonna build healthy you get that. BTW building healthy is like having double health items and having a build like... W.Blessing, Gaia's, Shoes, Mystical Mail, Bulwork, Frost Bound and than like Hide of the Urchin. so you know a lot of health... Hopefully everyone explains this way better than I and I'm pretty sure they have but that's basically the difference they are situational items to shred tanks who build a certain way.

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