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Thread: They want your opinion!

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    I put in for the dislike part there are way too many chests. I'm not paying gems for the constant gambling. -_-

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    Sure, smite Matchmaking is now finally ruined to the bottom, worst of worsts, s4 was better
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    I like how shit and cheap this survey is to the ones we used to get, this is like one of those throwaway surveys a company has every like three months to ignore but say they listen to you.
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    I put my least favorite thing as lack of removal of the toxic BMimg players I seem to get put with every match. 1st strike should be a warning, 2nd strike is a mute, 3rd strike is ban. How hard is that? I know I could just mute them myself, but that doesn't solve the problem of their poor behavior (and by suffering through it, it gives me much more ammo for my abuse report, which does end up affecting at least some of them). Nobody wants to hear "you suck, uninstall, report X" every time you log onto the game (even if not directed at you).

    I wasn't really sure what to put for a favorite thing; I ended up mentioning how all the lore and stuff was based around actually deities was pretty cool, and that the variety or characters and game modes made it likely there'd be something for everyone. I wish there'd been more than just 2 open answer questions, but it's a start at least.
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