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Thread: Matchmaking issue - newer accounts.

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    Matchmaking issue - newer accounts.

    Since the patch dropped, I seem to be in many more games with newer players, (often sub-30's). While I'm fine with people learning the game, the younger accounts seem to consistently have a much higher elo than others in the game, (smurfs, etc?).


    - Assault - 396450597, ( Eyeball ave is approx 1450 or so, but one player - Kat2018 - account level 22, elo 1828, (so, almost 400 higher, and no, there's no higher player on our team to counter) - wipes the floor with our team again and again, (definitely not a new player).

    - Assault - 296455133, ( - literally next game. Eyeball ave for our team is lower - maybe 1375, theirs, not including the outlier - maybe 1475, so not terrible. Again - same player - Kat2018 - account level 22, elo 1838 now, (~450 higher elo). As with the prior game, wipes the floor with our team yet again.

    - Arena - 396471054, ( Ave 1450 or so, another player with a level 59 account at 1925, (so almost 500 elo higher again).

    Now, granted, in the third example, the person ~450-500 elo higher, (with the younger account) wasn't a huge force in that game, (was a Kuzenbo) but still, definitely keep seeing these younger accounts with 450-500 elo above the rest of the teams, which is a much wider disparity than usual before the patch, and it makes the games feel much, much worse.


    Also, honestly, for the first two examples, (back to back assaults with the same smurf on the other team) there really should be something that if the matchmaker is going to throw people that disruptive into one game, it really should have something that it cannot do the same to the next game if any of the other people from the first game are in it, (i.e. if X person crushed my team in one game and I queue up again, the last thing I want to see is that person on the opposite side in the very next game, especially given how toxic some people are in this game - i.e. the person in question here was VEL spamming all of both games and exposing someone to multiple games of that stomping and bm is a real good way to get someone to say the heck with this game and move on to something else, and that's just not healthy for the game over the longer term).
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