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Thread: Time to Party | 5.5 PC Update Notes

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    Time to Party | 5.5 PC Update Notes

    Time to Party
    5.5 PC Update Notes


    Elegant Nemesis

    Sky Tech Zeus

    Dark Matter Khepri

    Orbital Strike Artemis


    Itty Bitty ChiBee Ah Muzen Cab
    As the Season continues, we have gotten to a point where players are starting to really understand the map and how to gain a lead from it. Even so, players are struggling to find opportunities to end the game; with Phoenix sieges being very difficult even with a substantial lead. Comeback potential is important, but it shouldn’t feel like the lead built up through the game is unimportant. Fire Giant buff is getting an increase to the bonus structure damage it provides. Teams who secure this boss objective will have a stronger advantage when it comes time to sieging the enemy base.

    This patch also sees a buff to the Tier 1 tower. Early game dives have had a bit too much success, and this change is targeted at increasing the risk in very early dives.

    Fire Giant

    • FG Buff
      Increased bonus damage to structures from 20% to 25%

    Enhanced FG

    • Enhanced FG Buff
      Increased bonus damage to structures from 20% to 30%

    Conquest Towers

    • Tier 1 Tower
      Increased Base Power from 200 to 215.


    Malice was recently re-designed to have more synergy with abilities. However, the passive was too limited and confusing. In this update we are adjusting the passive ability on Malice again to make the link between Crits and Abilities as clear as possible.

    • NEW PASSIVE – On a successful Critical Strike, your abilities deal 35% more damage for the next 3 seconds.

    Midgardian Mail

    An effect that slows movement speed and attack speed is useful, but the 30% chance to trigger made its power highly variable and difficult to rely on. We are removing this RNG and streamlining the effect to always trigger and stack up to its current power after multiple hits.

    • NEW PASSIVE – When hit by a Basic Attack, that enemy has their Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced by 15% for 2 seconds. This effect can stack up to 2 times and can stack with other item slow effects.


    This item is stretched too thin between offense and defense. With no clear home, few gods felt comfortable picking up this counter item. We are increasing its defensive stats to make it a clear option in Warrior or Guardian builds that are looking to specifically defend against Attack Speed focused opponents.

    • Increased Health from 100 to 200

    The Crusher

    Crushers new passive has been quite popular, but the item lacked additional feedback to notify players they had been hit by a Crusher. This ability will now play an additional hit FX.

    • Added a visual FX to the damage from Crusher.


    Hunters have been struggling, especially in the early game. The next few changes will all be specifically aimed at Hunter’s early game. Their end game is quite strong so their total power potential will be mostly left alone. However, we will be adjusting some bridge items and lower tier items to help Hunter’s reach end game more smoothly.

    Ichaival was a dominant item last year that helped the class feel impactful even at low levels. We are giving Ichaival some of its passive power back to help make sure hunters can make plays anytime in the match.

    • Increased Physical Power gained per passive stack from 7 to 10

    Silverbranch Bow

    Silverbranch changes often come with ichaival changes and update 5.5 is no exception. In their last update Ichaival was shifted to focus on power (both magical and physical) and Silverbranch was adjusted to focus more on attack speed. Both items had draining effects where they debuffed targets and buffed the users at the same time. We wanted to separate these items to create more unique effects, so Silverbranch is being changed to focus more specifically on buffing the users attack speed to extreme levels.

    • NEW PASSIVE – Every successful Basic Attack increases your Attack Speed by 5%. Stacks last for 3s and stack up to 6 times.


    Asi has long been on the razor’s edge between complete dominance or total unviability. The Physical Penetration was decreased on Asi recently to make it more consistent with other penetration options. This change was great for consistency reasons but it brought Asi’s power level to a point where the item was no longer valued. We are increasing the Attack Speed on the item to increase its power without putting it back in the spot where it feels overpowered.

    • Increase Attack Speed from 20% to 25%.

    Spiked Gauntlet

    Spiked Gauntlet is another item that can really help hunters feel strong in the early game. As hunters rush toward their first big power spike in Devourer’s Gauntlets, they have to pick up these lower tier versions of the items which feel quite weak. The fact that the T1 version of this tree had no physical power made it feel like a huge tradeoff. With this change Hunters should find their early game less punishing.

    • Increased Physical Power from 0 to 5.

    8-Pointed Shuriken

    The cost spike in between tiers of the items in this tree were quite large. Players often felt bad when building into Wind Demon or Poisoned Star unless they had saved up enough gold to buy all the way to the tier 3 in a single purchase. Now players can build these items incrementally and feel like the stats match the cost more closely.

    • Decreased Cost from 1700 to 1500.
      (Adjusted Poisoned Star and Wind Demon upgrade cost to keep the items at the same total cost.)


    Undying Love

    • Undying Love can now be cast even if Aphrodite is currently in the air from a knockup ability.


    Tectonic Shift

    • Adjusted the targeter to better reflect the area of damage for this ability.


    Moonflower Dance

    • Increased persist time of damaging area from .6s to .7s
      This fixes the “dead zone” where Chang’e could miss the ability while standing still. Now goes the full 360 degrees.


    Charge Prey

    • Sobek no longer goes untargetable while plucking an enemy. He instead gains player passthrough, which will allow him to be hit by enemies while he is getting ready to throw someone.

    Ao Kuang

    Ao Kuang is one of the most consistently powerful gods in SMITE. He has remained strong even through recent adjustments and through all of the Season 5 mage item changes. We are decreasing the damage he deals on the ranged attack portion of Dragon Call. This will pressure Ao Kuang players to focus more on the true assassin playstyle he was meant to have. It should also make his poke damage more manageable, especially in Ranked Conquest.

    Dragon Call

    • Ranged Dragon Throw
      Decreased Magical Power Scaling from 90% to 78% (from 15% to 13% per dragon)

    Da Ji

    The Nine-Tailed Fox received some buffs recently that have put her over the top. The current meta and itemization especially favor her bursty style, so we are decreasing the power scaling on two key abilities. This should lead Da Ji to feel more counterable by decreasing her one shot potential.

    Torture Blades

    • Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 20% to 14% (10% to 7% per tick)

    Horrible Burns

    • Decreased Physical Power scaling on Burst Damage from 45% to 35%

    Cu Chulainn

    Cu Chulainn tends to be very powerful at high skill levels but is quite balanced in most other metrics. We are removing the feature of his Berserk that granted him access to abilities he hadn’t ranked up yet. This specific feature was often abused at early levels by high level Cu Chulainn players, causing him to snowball heavily in lane.


    • When transformed, Cu Chulainn will no longer gain access to abilities he has not put a single point in (except for his 2).


    SMITE’s newest mage has been causing plenty of strife on the battleground. She is a well rounded god that can deal decent damage at long range while also applying CC. The primary feature that led her to be slightly over-tuned was her safety. Even though erratic behavior is short range it provides a large amount of evasion in that Discordia can immediately go untargetable, then stealth herself and quickly regain her cooldowns. Limiting this one ability should have quite an impact on her entire kit.

    Erratic Behavior

    • Increased Cooldown from 16s to 18s


    Isis is often by outclassed by other mages. Her early lane clear is still one of the best in the game, but her utility abilities are still falling short. We are decreasing the cooldown on Dispel Magic and increasing the protective nature on Circle of Protection to help Isis’ specific utility skills stand out more. Additionally, we are allowing Circle of Protection to hit and heal harder early on, giving Isis’ ultimate more potency in the early game.


    • Movement Speed increased from 355 to 360

    Dispel Magic

    • Reduced Cooldown from 18s to 16s

    Circle of Protection

    • Increased Max Charge Dmg/Heal Scaling from 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 to 2.5/2.75/3/3.25/3.5
    • Increase damage reduction from 15% 15/15/17.5/17.5/20

    Sun Wukong

    The Monkey King was a force to be reckoned with in early Season 4. After a few cooldown nerfs he quickly fell out of favor. His Magic Cudgel has become quite underwhelming with the loss of Bluestone Pendant and with conquest minions becoming harder to kill. We are increasing the base damage on this (and thus the damage to minions) as well as reducing the mana cost to make SWK able to stand up to the common solo lane opponents.

    The Magic Cudgel

    • Increase base damage from 80/120/160/200/240 to 90/130/170/210/250
    • Decreased mana cost from 50/60/70/80/90 to 50/55/60/65/70


    Vulcan continues to be one of the mages who has been hurt the most by recent item changes. We are giving him some more damage on backfire as well as buffing his inferno cannon, which is his signature ability.

    Vulcan has continued to struggle in Season 5 with the introduction of new items that don’t impact hit pet Inferno Cannon. We are increasing the amount of damage Inferno Cannon can dish out, allowing it to perform more in line with Season 4 builds. Additionally, Backfire Cannon is getting a slight base damage increase. This low cooldown skill will now be better in early fights until Vulcan can get Magical Power online.


    • Increased Base damage from 80/120/160/200/240 to 90/130/170/210/250
    • Increased amount of damage that Inferno Cannon deals to marked targets from 10% to 15%

    Inferno Cannon

    • Increased Magical Power Scaling from 35% to 40%

    Erlang Shen

    Erlang Shen has struggled to find a solid identity in Season 5. Death’s Toll was a major source of sustain for Erlang Shen, and with its removal he has struggled to compete as a tank, bruiser, or damage dealer. We are increasing the power of his base kit so he can better utilize items to create these playstyles.


    • Basic Attack
      Increased progression scaling to match swing time
      From 0.65/0.65/0.65/1/.8x to .75/0.75/0.75/1.1/.9x

    Spot Weakness

    • Increased cooldown reduction per Basic Attack from 0.75s to 1s


    • Increased Physical Power Scaling from 45% to 55%

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    I really like this patch, its getting in the right direction in every way.

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    Can we please stop power creeping vulcan?
    Also how do you guys feel about a Maliced Ullr combo?:^)

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    30 exclusive
    6 limited
    0 direct purchase

    Right Gong?
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    They finally did it. They made midguardian OP. I see nerfs in its future, but until then i see warriors running midguardian and frostbound beating down on hunters. I mean it stacks with other item slows.... So you've got frostbound and midguardian both slowing attack and movement speeds.

    That's a 60% movement slow(which will suffer diminishing returns sure but its still going to mean anyone attempting to fight back ain't running anywhere fast) and a 45% attack speed slow.

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    Malice be broke.
    Your Local Resident Trash Doggo
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    Those level up changes though. Punishing the people who play your game. Exactly why I stopped playing Paladins after the recent card change patch hit.

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    "Hunters have been struggling, especially in the early game."

    In what universe?

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    Repost from reddit.

    New Malice massively increases Ne Zha's ult damage (even more than S4 Malice!).

    Malice Effect: On a successful Critical Strike, your abilities deal 35% more damage for the next 3 seconds.

    35% more damage? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    At level 20-

    Crits hit, No DB/Malice: 1180 + 290%.

    With DB: 1288 + 317%.

    With DB + Malice, if no crit until first ult crit: 1600 + 393%

    With DB + Malice, and Crit Sash/AA into Ult: 1739 + 428%.



    Also, just like in S4, Malice >> DB as single crit item on Nezha.

    With Malice, if no crit until first ult crit: 1467 + 360%

    With Malice, and Crit Sash/AA into Ult: 1593 + 391.5%


    As a semi-Nezha main who loved old Malice this makes me quite happy.


    Bonus fun fact~

    Ne Zha ult doing 1739 + 428%. He has 400 physical power.

    Scylla ult doing 800 + 120%. To equal that damage she needs 2209 Magical Power.
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    What do I put here now?

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    Holy sh*t. New Malice for Serqet and Ne Zha, crazy.

    New Midgardian Mail for Chaac combined with Frostbound Hammer?

    Hm. Funny that Crusher remains untouched.
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