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    Unhappy Game Crash

    Hi, it's my first post, i hope someone can help me.
    For unknown reasons, my game keeps crashing the moment I get to the main menu, no matter what I do... even though yesterday it was working perfectly fine. I already tried to delete it and reinstall it, but the crashes keep coming the moment I reach the main menu, giving me only some seconds to take the daily reward before shutting itself down and bringing me back to the Xbox home. Does anyone is having the same problem or know how to solve this ?
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    Hmm I've had that happen with other games but not Smite.

    Your best bet is to follow this list of stuff that I've learned from MS support concerning games not loading.

    1) Uninstall the game
    2) Remove your profile from the xbox
    3) Clear your alternate mac address
    4) Power down your console
    5) Unplug both the internet cord [if using an Ethernet cord] and the power cord from the system
    6) Reboot your internet modem
    7) Once your internet is back up, reconnect your xbox internet and power cords
    8) Turn your system back on
    9) Readd your profile back onto your xbox
    10) Reinstall Smite

    If that doesn't fix it, then try contacting MS support and see if they have any other ideas. Barring that you'd need to try an send a support ticket to Hi-Rez and see if there is anything they can suggest
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