I've been playing Smite for about 4 years now (since it came to beta on Xbox) and I absolutely love the game. My old team has decided now to focus on school and work more so they will no longer be able to compete with me. I'm an NA player and generally I can practice anytime Im not at work (5 days a week, afternoons and mornings), and starting in May I will be moving to Texas and only working a part time job (2-3 days a week). I can play and am willing to play almost every role but I'm most comfortable with Solo and Support and least comfortable with Carry. The last two seasons I have ranked as a top player in casual and currently am sitting in rank 81. In ranked I have consistently made diamond and masters since season 3. My gamertag is xXKuzenboXx, message me on xbox or email me at mervin309@gmail.com.