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Thread: Attacker's Blessing is too strong right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockerBaby View Post
    Attackers huh?

    Have you seen the defenders blessing? 200hp, 100mana and 10/10 prots. Lol its stupidly op.

    Lets put it like this someone with defenders fights someone with attackers. Your 10 pene is is already accounted for but they also have 200 health on top. yeah the 20 or so power doesn't make upp for that.
    Defenders imo is actually quite bad, Warriors is better.
    What do I put here now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyralis View Post
    Defenders imo is actually quite bad, Warriors is better.
    Depends on God and mode. Defenders with tank boots is crazy good early game. The list of warriors that can use the extra 100mana to get 2+ spell rotations (and one ult) off is quite long.
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