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Thread: lets talk about MMR

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    lets talk about MMR

    So, i used to be a smite player. then left when chaak was relesed but have come back to play with freinds. i feel i have enough of an idea to do placements and know im going to stay in bronze thats fine. what i want to really talk about is HOW PISS POOR your system is. i play overwatch at a masters lvl and peaked at 4200 (grandmaster) and have 4 smurfs. (this becomes importent i swear) so in overwatch you have to get to lvl 25 to play competitive. and this is what i noticed all of my matches on my smurfs where about 60-40 in my favor. just due to my knowledge of the game and mechanics. but the other teams had a chance. this was due to overwatch already calculating a MMR for my time out of comp.

    with this long as paragraph out of the way with back info. why is it that you even say on your opening piece on comp. "your friendly players could be grandmaster or gold 5. why do you not know this. why are you not calculating your non comp. games in conquest and takeing those stats and transferring them to comp conquest. while in my games 4 of my 5 where lost before the 9minute mark. currently i have won 1 game. yes i know im trash at this game. but why have you not figured out how to make a decent MMR system.

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    I have an answer! Because Hi-Rez has absolutely NO IDEA how to make a ranking system! You're welcome!
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