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Thread: Serquet is way too overpowered!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingasce13 View Post
    Serquet doesn't fall off in the slightest late game especially becuase with her dash I landed all three with a crit for 700 dmage plus each hit at level 17 and killed two of the enemy mages standing next to each other. Either nerf her or do something about the items she works to well with like death bringer. I don't even need to mention how big a team fight ult she has as it was already mentioned above or the taunt/madness that she has that can let you turn the enemies against each other and how much their hunter can do with few basic attacks to their own teammates.
    Proving that you have no idea how that CC works.

    Madness does a fixed amount of damage based on Serqet's ability level and power.

    It does 150 + 50% for each madness hit. Haven't tested like Discordias but if it's the same it should do 2 hits per second.

    And don't forget that altho that's a lot of damage (150 + 50% to 2 enemies for initial hit, followed by 450 + 150% to both if neither has CC DR stacks or CCR%) Serqet needs to land TWO close range thin line skillshots on TWO different enemies simultaneously to achieve this.
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    she probably doesn't see any attention because most of the population cant do that well with her ,
    so the numbers that hirez see suguest that she in an alright position
    imo though poison for 18 is completely ridiculous and could do with a reduction in duration
    other than that shes in a decent place id say
    in conq at lest it seems assassins are crazy good this season

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    Yes, she is way op right now it's not even funny. I said she was the best god in the game last patch and I still think she is in 5.2. I don't think it even matters if crit is good or not since her clear is so fast and her kit has way too much going for it right now.

    I'm not exactly sure what they should do to her, but she needs a nerf before SPL starts. I hope we see a nerf to her next patch along with Ullr.

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    Serqet could use a tiny bit of a nerf, maybe in her mana costs and CD. Her kit not only scales well and hits hard, but it's also extremely mobile, meaning she can not only move around alot faster, but if she get's caught out of position, she has both a fast dash and a leap to gtfo. On a bigger map where mobility is a big factor, she shines in both mobility AND damage.

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