I’ve played Smite solo off & on casually before ps4 had it. I’m online more & am looking to find mature, calm, sober, non-ragers to play with in ranked conquest/joust.

My ranked experience is lacking so those who can correct & guide me are who I’m looking for or those who as a team we can learn and work together to become better.

I’m not a master at any role as I tend to fill & play them all. Currently level 108 with all 93 gods at mastery 1 or higher (some were a struggle, like Awilix) and 6 at mastery 10 (Bastet, Thor, Chaac, Medusa, Neith, Sylvanus). I went through ranked qualifiers solo in conquest coming out 6 wins 4 losses. The losses came when I wasn’t mid or support. Placed in Silver III bracket for conquest.

I’m west coast & my best time to play is early mornings (7:00am) until just after noon (12:30-1:00pm) before I head off to work. I’m on later after work too (11:00pm) but can’t use a mic or I’ll wake up the rest of the house. Weekends I’m hit or miss but all day is fair game for me to be online.

Here’s a link to my Smite Guru profile:


Reply here, I’ll do my best to remember to check this thread, or find me on the PS4 as Bazinga_42 .