I'm new to Smite, just starting up last week. I'm a Paragon refugee... Once they announced it closing down I deleted it. But the thirst for the moba format persisted. I picked up Smite last week and now that I've spent some time with it, I'm hooked. I'm currently Lvl 17 with 3 Gods at Rank 1 and quite a few more close. I'm not sure exactly what the Ranked requirement is other than Level 30..

Anyways, solo queue seems fairly typical for a moba.. Very hit and miss. So I'm looking for some PS4 friends. Warning.. I'm rather picky in my friends. I'm 48, old fart material, and married with a young daughter. I enjoy good team work, chat parties that aren't clogged with people talking about everything under the sun. I'd love to meet some similar people to play with.