Hey guys, and girls
Although, I've played smite since early 2013 I've only lurked smite forums here and there and never officially made an account....

Anyway, I'm 25 and have lived in Texas most of my life. Some games I play are smite, overwatch, cs:go, pubg, arma 3, and fortnite. Over the last year or so I've recorded random game clips of various things. I've have a youtube channel but it's kinda just to casually upload videos to show friends when something happens. I've decided to make it legit and I'm going to start creating quality montages of good plays, fail plays, funny moments, and whatever else. I'm looking for someone who has experience editing also, I would like to talk about some ideas. Anywayss I've got work to do, drop by and check out some of the videos I'm sure there's something for everyone =) take care