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Thread: Discordia Mastery Skin Tuning

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    Discordia Mastery Skin Tuning

    Quick fix;

    Please give Discordia black wings on the Legendary skin
    (and ideally fix diamond skin later). already have them from Oblivion Queen. Please re-use.

    Granted I'm a be using O.Q. skin most of the time anyway, but I'm a big fan of Legendaries and the standard wings on it are a bit of an eyesore/visually awkward

    Thank you

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    Wings are weird in general.
    Thanatos wings always stay black, while nikes turn blue in her Golden Skin.
    I think that it's different from god to god whether or not the wings look better keeping the original color or changing it for mastery skins.

    Gotta agree in this case though. Looks weird. For some reason the wings were changed for golden, but legendary uses the same wings as golden instead of being adjusted to fit in with legendary.

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