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Thread: 5.1 Console Release - Known Issues

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    5.1 Console Release - Known Issues

    Known Issues

    • Applying to multiple clans that require an application will remove the application to the previous clan (only one application at a time)

    • Some tutorials have invalid items in the item store in match

    • Using Neith in Arena Tutorial will cause the client to lock up and require a restart of the game client

    • There is a slight translation error in the Season Ticket scene

    • Season Ticket 2018 Rival Loading Frame and HUD are temporarily disabled

    • Soul Gem is temporarily disabled from in-game store

    • Ragnarok Metal music theme is playing the incorrect music

    • Season Ticket Wards are temporarily disabled

    • Conquest Map - 2 of the chaos minion doors do not open/close properly

    • When you purchase a Ragnarok bundle in the Ragnarok Scene, it does not show ‘Owned’ until you navigate away and back again.

    • Analog stick icons missing in the Joust Tutorial

    • Gold Fury and Pyromancer don’t play global death audio

    • The Rival Team Badge has been temporarily disabled
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    What's the stance on blessings for console in patch 5.1? I ask because on PS4 I can only access the 5 conquest blessings in every mode - and none of the other blessings in any mode. #ConfusedByBlessingsPatch5.1-PS4

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