I am a long time Paragon player making the transition to Smite, as many poor souls are. (RIP never forgetti) I have been playing VS the AI for a couple days now and it's just super boring of course, but I'm so nervous about playing PVP due to the fact that I don't know the community and I have a fear of angry teammates loool.
Coming from Paragon, I have a general idea of how the lanes work and what God goes where, so I think I am on an okay page right now. I just need to learn and familiarize myself with all the God's abilities, which comes mostly with time I feel. I could also use tips on how the jungling in this game works.

Anyways, I am looking for PS4 players who wouldn't mind playing with a new person, wouldn't get tilted at potential losses, etc. I would just like to play with a friendly face that can help me learn the game!

Thus far, I find myself having the most fun playing Sol, so I will probably mostly be using her if possible. I have also played and enjoy Chang'e, Athena and Izanami though, so I wouldn't mind using them. I am also trying to learn an assassin, I just haven't decided which yet. I am thinking Serqet.

If anyone is interested, my PSN is KillThemAllHaley