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Thread: What happened to Hades?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameVeteranAzure View Post
    Turn him back into a Guardian. At least then when his damage was horrible it made sense.
    Hades damage isn’t horrible tho...

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    As someone mainly playing Arena I like to pick up basically this build:
    Void Stone, Mythical, Boots (no matter which ones actually), SotM, Typhons, and then a item basically free to pick out of a selection:
    Shamans Ring for 10% more damage if the enemy cant bead or otherwise escape the ult, Tahuti(for the 1-3 finishing move on cowards fleeing battle), Warlocks if you want more HP, GoI if you want to chase enemies a lot, Bancroft for the low-life-comebacks, Chronos for even more ulting, Spear of Destruction(if thats the name, I forget all the time) for easy escapes after mad chases for a kill or after a botched 1v5 engage where you only got 1 kill, there are quite some selections that work with him.

    The only problem I see, is that his design is still pretty much guardian-y. With a lot of defensive capabilities and with his ult mainly being a setup for Ult-Combos. Which quickly makes him not dealing damage not a big deal in a good team.
    I think Hades was just not designed with "I will carry this on my own" on the mind of the Devs and Designers.

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    While sustain is stronger in s5, it's still a burst meta, and hades just isn't a nuke mage. When ttk is increased, hades will shine again.

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