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Thread: what do you think about Season5?

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    what do you think about Season5?

    hello everybody.

    i want to know your point about the season 5 (new items, gods)

    for my case, all this new items are too much powerfull... they will ruin the teamplay.
    actualy it's a poor badass game.
    when loki put you a basic attack at 2500 dmg... great
    or freya regen life more than your dmg.
    thanatos heal badass... hachiman banner.. no comment
    everythink is overpowered and you just need to put 1 skill + 1 basic attack = rekt... good game...

    sorry for my poor english. ( wtb english teacher ).

    have a nice day

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    Well they did seem to weaken if not end the tank meta.

    Janus felt bad to me before. Now the combination of hitting his combo more often plus S5 changes, I ran a good Janus last night.
    I also did well with Hel, all I need to learn with her now is hit the L2 when needed.

    Playing tank seems harder than before, not asking for the tank meta back but since many people never go tank, I tended to and need to find new ways to make them work.

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