I signed into the forums to ask but one thing Hi-Rez <3

Please.. Please.. Please..

Make 1 quality of life change to this very crucial part of the game, Picks and Bans.

If i 'DC' from the pick/ban lobby, give control over my selection to the no.1 seated player on my team.
-Give me the opportunity to reconnect and even have a shot at winning that game with whatever they chose for me in whatever role i was left with-

Twice have i disconnected from the lobby during this stage back to back and now have to wait a combined 1.5 hours of 'Deserter' time because my internet decided it would lose connection for 5 seconds before reconnecting.

I've now lost 2 ranked games that seemed perfectly achievable to win if the game had been allowed to continue, even if i'd been given a support god because i couldn't pick my own that's still a preferred option to instant loss + timeout.

Yes you may hit back saying thats its 'my fault for having such a bad connection hurr durr'.
But if i'd DC'd during the queue it'd have been a lesser deserter, if i'd DC'd during the loading screen it wouldn't be a problem at all.

Also note, yes if that person doesn't rejoin at all then the game would go on for the first 5 minutes before a surrender vote goes out and that person gets a 'Deserter' anyway.

Also, a few of you may say 'sure but what if no.1 seated player picks you something that doesn't go in the role decided for you?' well.. then the rest of your team will know this because they can see it, and they can choose to give a report based on that. Also that's as good as saying no.1 intends to through the game.

I beg of thee add this to the game.