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Thread: Please Keep Adventure mode till new advenrue mode launch.

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    Please Keep Adventure mode till new advenrue mode launch.

    I started to play smite and got interested to play smite since Shadow over Hercopolis adventure launched.
    where i buy bundle and continue my farming gold for buff and items. that was one of the best adventure ever i played.

    Honestly speaking i never like other modes where from your team or opponent team get domination and bad words.
    even you played good but they don't get kill or to show off and we wont able to help them when they knowingly go in group alone and keep dying or other reason they will put blame. and being salty entire playing mood get suck...
    Sometimes server or technical problem player face and that cause them big duration desert.
    I play other modes only with friends. that doesn't mean they are available for me 24/7.
    I play smite for Fun and entertain myself in that free time. I do not like this kind of Bullshit.
    Most time happen in your team new beginners player. and opponent team all smurf whose previous user level higher but they create new ID and make party to dominate new players.

    surely your team not gonna win front of them even in your team having 2 high level players.
    and that create bad environment with each other.

    I stopped playing smite when i had this bad experience. but when Adventure like shadow over hercopolis launched where i gt only good experience i was meeting new players and we use to help each other to fulfill our quest and farming gold. but when hi-rez removed that adventure where me n my other friends got really upset.

    I humbly request Hi-rez if they keep Adventure mode and add more excited levels in that same adventure until they don't launch another Adventure.

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    I disagree on keeping/bringing back/extending Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure mode. So No.

    My reasons:
    1. Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure is PVE. All our other Game Modes are PVP. MOBA by default is PVP. The focus of SMITE should be PVP and not PVE. It's OK to have other modes once in a while, but it should not be available all the time. SMITE players especially newer or low level or under performing players need to focus on learning and improving their PVP skills. There are many other MMO which primary focuses on PVE elements and SMITE should not be one of them.

    2. When Shadows Over Hecropolis was first introduced, like you said most players had the same objective of "farming gold to buy items", everyone were new at that time, with Bundle purchasers having an advantage over those who did not spend 900 Gems. During the end of the Adventure, when Hell mode was released and Draugr got harder, (Patch 4.22) the situation was very different. Players were segmented, some players with better gears wants to complete the quest (and obviously are annoyed when a player with little/bad items join their team) and newer players without any good items were unable to progress as better geared players were no longer interested in farming for gold, many were even skipping chests, rushing to kill the bosses to complete their quests.

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    3. To players who did not spend 900 gems to buy the Bundle. It was a massive grind feast to farm gold to buy items. After that, there wasn't much they could do. There was a Pay Wall, any Rubies, Diamonds and Loki Trinkets found could not be exchanged for buffs/gold if you did not buy the Bundle.

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    I actually agree. The adventure was fun, before the *fixes* that made it super hard and near impossible for noobs/people who have the weaker tier 1/tier 2 items. Matchmaking is still hell and PvE/Adventure is a great way to relax from the bullshit.

    However for the next adventure if they plan to make another long ass grind, at least don't put another shitty paywall that makes most of the grind not worth it.
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