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Thread: High ping at everygame

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    High ping at everygame

    I was hoping this problem wont happend to me but there it is. Since yesterday ranked game when it first happened im having a problem of 160 ping every game while my internet is absolutely fine- 20 ping at speedtest. Im from Poland and yes i tries switching to north america and back to europe but it doesnt help. Restarting router and changing IP doesnt too, validate/repair as well. Pretty sure reinstall wont help too. My friend had this problem like year ago and it took like a year to fix.. from what i heard it can be a routing problem to my router but how does this happend now? im playing this game since 3 years on normal ping like 80 and now this problem happends? Day before season 5 by the way.. Please help ( Yes i made a support ticket already )
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