This are the two ideas for a susano skin.This is not draw by me this is pictures that got me idea for 600 gems skin for susano.I think that would be awesome effects to have Highlander Susano skin.

My ideas are like this:

1-I would adore to see long cape jacket like in these 2 pictures so when he dashes the cape goes up down it can be such an amazing effect to add.
2-Making his blade sparkles and lightning effects with amazing sound just like in a movie kind of tipe sound when blades crash into another blade.
3-they second and 3rd ability you can give it up for your imagination whatever you guys would like to see what kind of effects with wind thunder and lightning surrounding the area when he uses pull it should be some pretty cool effects.
4-When he ults he rises up spreading his hands just like in movie and while you charge up to the max he says "there can be only one" with storm effects in the ulty and around the ulty like paper flying all around and all the other stuff you can imagine..
5-If you could make also Christopher Lamber voice over for this skin this would be the most amazing skin in all games in past few years for sure not only in Smite you guys are doing superb job but this skin with C.Lambert would be a trill to see and play with.

I would be happy and super existed to see Highlander Susano 600 gems skin if you guys think also that this is a good idea for a new susano skin concept pls make a comment i wanna hear what you all think and suggestions..

Ty very much for reading this post i wish you all the best !!!!!! Cheers