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Thread: PTS Eula Declined error / Clent completely broken.

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    PTS Eula Declined error / Clent completely broken.

    I'm getting this error when attempting the PTS. No amount of validating/repairing fixes the issue and there is no discernible fix known. If I hit the reconnect button it will go to a blank black screen and eventually the client will simply crash.

    Googling this error reveals no information other than the fact that it is a rare error and Hirez has never commented on this issue. There is also no known resolution.

    I checked twitch chat and a small number of other people are having the same problem, however most people are not. Does anyone know what is going on?
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    I'm having the same error this is what St3ealth said "We are looking into the issue of some players having problems while trying to sign into the PTS."

    I know how this can be frustrating, first, hotfix lasted for about 3 almost 4h then you can't log in after that for another hour or so, It's been almost an hour since I can't log in
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    Hey all, I've been having this issue for about 3 months now, only occasionally does it actually work. I've tried everything out there... Completely wiping ALL Hi-Rez content, uninstalling, reinstalling, patching... You name it I've tried it. It doesn't help that there is no support whatsoever on this; PLEASE FIX.

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