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    Fortnite battle royale


    Not a MOBA. Survival Shooting game.

    1. There is no Feeding the Enemy. Each player has only one life. If your teammate dies. That's it. He/She will no longer be a Liability and you can continue without them.

    2. Match queue time is within seconds. 45 million players, with 2 million concurrent players. If you die, you can just start a new match.

    3. You can play Solo. Each person for himself/herself. 100 players Battle Royale. If you don't like partying or playing with below average players, lowbies/newbies then go solo and secure Victory Royale by yourself.

    4. Squad mode (max 4 players) or Duo mode (2 players). The Matchmaker can get you into a group (Fill Team members) if you enjoy partying. It just takes a few seconds to find a match.

    5. You can interact with the environment. You can blow up things, chop down trees, gather building materials, build forts/walls, hunt for secret treasure chests, smash down walls, parachute/glide, kick a football, set off a car alarm, setup traps, shoot people

    6. There is no deserter penalty.

    7. There is currently only one map for Battle Royale, huge map with many landmarks spread across the entire island. There is a PVE Save the World, but you have to pay for that.

    8. Toxicity is very low. New game. Most players are relatively new, pretty relaxed and chill.

    9. There is no OP or Unbalanced or Controversial Gods/Heroes/Classes etc... Everyone is the same. Same skills. There is no Loki, you cannot go invisible. You can definitely hide behind a wall/tree/rock or even use a bush as your disguise (still noticeable). Just need a bit of luck early in the game to get a weapon or avoid landing at popular landing spots if you are new.

    10. While waiting for a match to start, you are sent to a waiting area where you can practice without any fear of dying. You are unable to damage anyone or anything in the practice area. You could jump about, aim at players, dance, form strategies and communicate with your team or just chill instead of staring at the screen.
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