I wanted to take some time to talk about SMITE on console. We know it has been a rocky road at times. We heard your feedback and the entire SMITE team took it to heart.

We agree that we need to improve, and every part of SMITE’s development team will be taking steps to do so in the coming year. In 2018 we will commit more resources into making the SMITE console experience better. Many of these changes will take time and be rolled out throughout the year.

Here are a few things that are going to be changing:

  • More QA Support: In the past few months, we’ve added to the SMITE team. From marketing to Quality Assurance (QA), we have been growing our teams. Our new QA lead, HiRezRedd, brings several years of console experience to the team. His main focus will be to significantly reduce the number of bugs that make it to live SMITE, and ramp up the efforts that are dedicated solely to console.

  • Bug Report in Future Patches: Every day, St3alth and I scour the forums and look for bugs that we pass on to the QA team for fixing. Each update, many of these fixes get added and go unnoticed. In 2018, we are making that process a little more transparent. With each update, alongside Patch Notes, we will share a breakdown of the issues that have been fixed.

  • Streamlined Player Reporting: In the past, we haven’t had a standardized format for submitting bugs, which can make fixing them difficult. When investigating bug reports, our first task is to reproduce the conditions that the player experienced so that we can take a look at what has happened. Sometimes minor details can make all the difference in finding out why bugs are occuring, so you can help us in fixing these issues by providing as much detail as possible, especially when a bug isn’t happening consistently. To make this easier for everyone, we’ve worked with our support team to create a more streamlined process for reporting bugs. With the new system, players can be assured that each individual ticket will be seen by a member of the QA team. From now on, we will encourage players to utilize the updated support ticket system.

  • Network Issues: There are some issues that are out of our hands. Network issues and issues that stem from connection problems are impossible for our team to control. One thing we can do is better communicate how players are able to troubleshoot on their end. I'm working on a guide detailing how Network issues may affect players and how players can best combat those issues.

  • Long-term solution: Along with these changes that will improve our ability to address bugs, we are committed to improving the technology that supports our in-game UI. These changes will make for a better gaming experience on all platforms through increased stability and decreased susceptibility to bugs.

Be on the lookout for our bug status updates, starting in the 5.1 Live patch notes. Some bugs may take some extra time and attention to root out their causes. This means that not all submitted reports can be addressed with each patch, but we will continue to investigate and work on these issues. Please continue to submit your bug reports, as we are committed to investigating any and all bugs that affect gameplay.

We are looking forward to making SMITE the best experience for all players in 2018!