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Thread: 5.1 forgot about Vamana AGAIN

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    Quote Originally Posted by GogetaAR View Post
    So, he doesn't know? There are only 2 gods that can execute in this game, Thanatos and Ao Kuang, and when Vamana is ulting, Ao Kuang can't use his ult because Vamana is CC immune, so yeah, when Vamana's ulting, only 1 god can execute him.
    Also Vamana heals % while in ult and can extend his ult time by landing basics, so it's reasonable to avoid Thanatos execution and not be stunned cuz CC imune.

    Vamana needs a built in Frosthammer on his ult so he doesn't have to waste an item slot on it. That's it, then he's balanced if not OP. his base protections maaaaaybe could use a couple extra points too, but only if Frosthammer effect on ult isnt op.

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    in a BOF you can, well, at most play 5 games. but it's the 10 same people.
    So at most 50 gods can be picked. If we assume no god is picked more than once, it means 50 gods can be picked, total.
    At 93 gods in the game, that would mean 43 gods not being picked. More if we DONT assume that gods are not picked more than once.
    Are you trying to say, that all those gods need buffs, because they were not picked?

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