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Thread: EasyAntiCheat wont let me play

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    EasyAntiCheat wont let me play

    I know this has been posted before by someone else but I still have not found a solution that works for me. The problem with the EasyAntiCheat that gives my the "connection interrupted" message and obstructs my game. This seems to be on and off as it doesn't happen every single time I try to play. But im tired of getting deserter and making my teammates lose because of something that I have no control over. I have tried the solution from the other post but it did not work for me so if anyone knows a different method or a guaranteed fix please let me know.
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    I've never had a problem with EAC, not being a cheater. Sucks that it seems to prevent non-cheaters from playing sometimes, but the amount of actual cheaters still managing to play tells me that it's necessary, but probably not up to the task amyways. Problem being, what out there is better?

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