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Thread: 5.1 - Season Five - Official Patch Notes

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    5.1 - Season Five - Official Patch Notes

    It's quite a lot even to TL;DR

    New Skins: Skadi (Season Ticket Bundle - 400 or 1200 Gems), Thanatos (Season Ticket - 80,000 FP) - also gets Mastery recolors, Athena (Season Ticket - 9948 FP), Cu Chulainn/Jing Wei (Event Bundle - 750 Gems), The Morrigan (Ranked Reward), Bellona/Aphrodite/Hou Yi/Susano/Ares (Season Ticket - Chest)

    New Map: Conquest - complete overhaul

    Item Changes:
    Starter items:
    • Starter items have been completely removed to introduce a new system called Blessings.
    • Conquest will have its own blessings, non-Conquest modes will use a different set.
    • Only one blessing per god is allowed and blessings cost 700 Gold.
    New items:
    • Magical: Soul Gem, Typhon's Fang
    • Defensive: Talisman of Energy
    A ton of reworks and balance changes for items.

    God Changes:
    • Gods which received 0.9 magical protection scaling per level: Agni, Ah Puch, Anubis, Aphrodite, Chang’e, Chronos, Discordia, He Bo, Hel, Isis, Janus, Kukulkan, Nox, Nu Wa, Poseidon, Ra, Raijin, Scylla, Sol, Thoth, Vulcan, Zeus
    • Gods which received extra 5 Movement Speed: Agni, Ares, He Bo, Hel, Khepri, Ra, Scylla, Ymir
    • Gods which received extra Health: Kuzenbo, Scylla
    • Buffed Gods (otherwise): Loki, Nike, Thoth, Tyr
    • Nerfed Gods: Ah Muzen Cab, Ao Kuang, Cu Chulainn, Fafnir, Nike, Raijin, Ratatoskr, Ravana

    Link to full Patch Notes:
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    looks like Hi-Rez gonna make hunters even more broken... nice idea to buff deathbringer, nuff to say.
    TOP 3 most stupid things i've ever see in this forum:
    she can do 1000 dmg at level 3 by just her 2-and passive
    her 3 should be more like medusa moving backwards movement penalty reduced only by 50%
    Her ult now is her 2 but with lower damage but same cooldown!
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    Isn’t that Athena skin like exactly the same as the Vanguard Hercules one they made limited?

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    any chance sobek's voice lines will get fixed?

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