Hey all, just went to the 2018 HRX with some friends and thought I'd try smite finally.

Turns out I like it pretty well! Seems most people are nice and patient with noobs. I did end up acquiring some divine chest rolls from the event. Debating whether to use or sell them on eBay lol. People buy the craziest things. What's usually in them that makes them so valuable?

p.s. almost forgot game question: I'm having trouble keeping up with the character level in game (not my player level out of game) and don't know what I'm doing wrong. Also, from the perspective of people looking back, better to just buy a few gods I think I like or buy the whole giant pack? I probably won't play THAT often and I seem to get a decent amount of rentals from lvling and stuff. I dunno.

Thanks to the nice people I've talked to for the welcome and thanks in advance for the help