Hey folks, I had an idea while watching 5.1 patch notes today. Have Map Skins selectable in your profile like we have with recalls or music. It might take a little tweaking but going back to the old versions of the maps and standardizing them to the current release could be a really fun thing to have in the game.

And then add new ones we can buy! I would love my arena map to look like a platform out in space like in the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 but have wormholes at either end or my Joust map to look like it's in Atlantis under a glass dome with aquatic coral and stuff around me and giant fish and whales and stuff swimming overhead.

As long as the wireframe is the same(so the walls and structures are standardized for everyone) people should be able to make the map selectable to their preference. I'm not going to pretend that I know the programs that you use to make smite and how they work but I'm hoping this is possible.

I'm a GIANT fan of this game and have most of the skins(I think I'm above 670). I would definitely pay for this. But they have to be well done. I won't pay for junk but I know you guys wouldn't do that to me anyway.

OMG... a Wonka candy forest kind of map. TexMex. A Grim map(like the skin set) with all black and red techno cyborg stuff. A carribean Pirate map to go with the Pirate skins set(we need more crabs!). How about a medieval map with castles and it's always raining.

Man I would buy the crap out of this... Please please please make this for me!