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Thread: Difference between Guardian and Warrior?

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    Difference between Guardian and Warrior?

    I'm just spinning on this one.

    Warriors are meant to go in to a fight and stay there until they need to leave, any kind of mitigation from items, kit or movement is most welcome. Warriors need to be able to initiate a fight, keep people in it, long enough to get proper help, avoid the big combos and leave before they die. Warriors like to operate alone meaning defensive auras is strictly on special basis, offensive auras that affect enemy team works well though, there are some special cases (like puch where having def aura can make the difference). Warriors can afford to look greedily ahead to some extent. Warriors is about math and moving like water, at one time following along the flow and at others going hard against it.

    Guardians are meant to come in and turn the fight in a short time frame and mitigate dmg on team. They do not need dmg or tank but can work well with both. What they need most is to spam their abilities the more cdr on the guardian you have the more aggressive your team can playl. Auras are also good as the guardian likes to sit with the team. To have a focus of protecting your backline constantly is good. Even if you assist or grab a kill your first thought should always be, do I have a team mate in range in need of assistance for whatever defensive move you have left even if its body blocking (unless you have a 200% secure kill in front of you. Always be mindful of teams flanks that is often where the attack is coming, you wan't to be ready to save your team mate. Try and have your warrior within range of moving there when he retreats so you can defend in time but if its between the team and your warrior go with team, its your warriors job to stay in range of you more then the other way around. You are not the main initiator but the main counter initiator (quite the difference). After the warrior starts or is half done or well close to death your job is to try and save him so yeah you gotta be in range but if your whole team dies after you tried rescuing the warrior its still no good is it. The warrior is more important then you but your hunter and mages is more important then the warrior. A guardian gotta be like a squid. Having his tentacles spread over all his team mates (the shortest pointed toward the warrior and the longest and strongest to the hunter), being ready to support the one that needs it and rdy to launch his giant head into battle when it is critical or very beneficial. Ever adapting to playing def or offense, in a blink of an eye the situation can change for any 4 of your team mates and yourself and its your job to fix the shituation. A geb that blinks in and stuns 2 and sets up 2 kills, yeah ok, he might die after him self in worst case scenario. A geb that blinks in on 4 on the attack move, preventing a combo on team mate when your team can turn that is quite the different move and its what gives carries penta kills. Most guardians do not have as good movement in kit as warriors, cause they only go in once let loose and then go back to support their backline.
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    Warriors get sustain, guardians get CC. Hence guardians guard by using CC to peel or setup kills. Warriors tank by using sustain to stay in the action longer.

    That's about it until HiRez got bored and made a bunch of guardians that are effectively magical warriors (more sustain, less CC).
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    First of all, please use whitespaces, line breaks and punctuation characters to structure your text better. That was really hard to read!

    The main difference between guardians and warriors (next to one class dealing physical and the other magical damage of course) are their supportive abilities.

    Guardians have at least 2 CC abilities, often 3 and many ablities target more than one enemy.
    At least one of those abilities is a hard CC effect.

    Warriors on the other hand mostly have 1 CC ability, it's single target most of the time and not always a hard effect.
    In addition to that, warriors have 1 supportive ability (active or passive) which either heals the team, buffs the team or debuffs the enemies (this can also be a second CC ablitity).

    Yes Guardians are better with cool-down reduction as they will need their abilities often. Additionally supportive aura's work well on them as they will mostly fight within the team.

    Warriors on the other hand should in general try to counter-build and try to fill whatever role the team is missing.
    Squishy team? Build defense. Not enough damage? Build attack power. Sometimes they will fight in the team, sometimes they will fight alone.

    Of course there are always exceptions.

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